Is Super Bowl Sunday the Best Day of Football?

21 Jan

The Super Bowl.  It’s like the guy in high school who no longer had to try to get all the girls.  They just flocked to him.  The Super Bowl is the mecca of football.  The glitz and glam that is lead by a 500 hour pre-game show and the anticipation of all the great commercials, makes this the ideal day for even the casual football fan.  The Halftime show, and all the Super Bowl parties are just a couple other things that make Super Bowl Sunday so big.  While all of this is fun, Super Bowl Sunday is completely overrated.

Let me preface this with my incredibly large bias against ESPN.  For all of the great things ESPN does, most of it I really can’t stand.  The hype that leads up to the Super Bowl is just ridiculous.  The best day in football is Championship Sunday.  This Sunday, when the Raven play the Patriots and the Giants travel to play the 49ers, will make for the dream day for any football fan.  Think about it, the Super Bowl is given all this hype for two weeks, and all you get is one football game that usually doesn’t even feel like a football game until after halftime, once each team has finally settled down.

Championship Sunday gives you two great match-ups.  Show me any football fan that would rather see one over hyped game over two games with so much on the line.  To me, the answer is simple.  I would take the two great games over watching ESPN employees over analyze every aspect of the Super Bowl for two weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Super Bowl is great.  I don’t want to have people think that I am anti-Super Bowl.  My argument is only that I do not believe that Super Bowl Sunday is the best day in NFL football.  Championship Sunday takes the crown.



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