This is our blog. Opinions expressed on this blog are just that – our opinions – and they do not reflect any of our respective employers. We love to talk about sports here at Athletic Jocks. This means we probably won’t spend too much time covering gymnastics, water polo or field hockey – no pun intended. But we will have contributing writers periodically so who knows? Maybe that great tennis match will get a mention on our site every once in a while!

We welcome outside opinions, and encourage our readers to be active in what we hope will become a fast growing community. What we aren’t about here is simple: we will not have breaking news for every score final like ESPN; we will not bore you with our commentary like Joe Buck does; and maybe most importantly, none of us are named Colin Cowherd – so I think it’s pretty clear that you will like us!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out. We hope you continue to follow us here on our website, on Twitter at @athleticjocks and we have a Facebook page too! Original, we know. Questions, comments, concerns? Don’t be afraid to ask.



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