Colin J. Cerniglia

Colin Cerniglia ( born in Scranton, PA) is a vivid sports enthusiast with great loyalty towards the teams he follows – Yankees baseball, Giants football, Lakers basketball, and Penn State football. This also means Colin has great dislike towards a number of teams, but that does not allow him to be incapable of holding conversation or being impartial.

Outside of sports Colin enjoys music, with his favorite artist being Bruce Springsteen. He is a political science major at SUNY Oswego in New York. The oldest of three kids, he enjoys spending time with his brothers, Danny and Timmy, mother, Maureen, and father, John. The majority of his extended family resides in the Scranton, PA area, one of Colin’s favorite places to visit.

His favorite athletes are Mickey Mantle, Chuck Knoblauch, Alex Rodriguez (long before he was a Yankee), Kobe Bryant, Eli Manning and LaVar Arrington. His role models are his parents and grandparents. He believes they are few people left in the world who work as hard and care as much about people as they do. Some of his biggest inspirations come from people like Joe Paterno, John and Bobby Kennedy, and Colin’s closest personal friends.

Colin also enjoys quoting movies, working out, and doing all that he can to maximize his potential in life. He hopes that his life story (see below with PtP) can help others struggling to find answers in the world.

Colin began his artistic experience by writing for at age 15, and from there continued by writing and co-editing for his high school (Liverpool, NY) publication The LifeGuard. There he won the gold in the feature section at Syracuse University’s Newhouse “High School Press Day” for his column “Livin’ By the Letter ‘C'”.

His first published book, Persistence through Pain: A novel about life, or something like it, is available on

Kindle version:

Paperback or hard cover:

“Believe deep down in your heart that you are destined to do great things.” – Joseph Vincent Paterno



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