Dan LaDuke

I just recently graduate from Le Moyne College with a history degree with the hopes of some day becoming a teacher. But that has nothing to do with what this blog is about so I won’t bore you with that. Anyway… I bleed Orange. Always have, always will. If anyone has ever seen the movie “Fever Pitch,” I am Jimmy Fallon’s character when it comes to both Syracuse basketball and football, along with Red Sox baseball. I take sports way too personally, but that’s the only way I can imagine being a fan.  So get used to seeing me use a lot of “we” when talking about my favorite teams, yes, I am THAT GUY.

I am a loyal Syracuse football fan, and when they get back to national prominence, I can’t wait to see everyone jump back on the bandwagon. I have been a season ticket holder since I was in the 4th grade and Donovan McNabb was running the option here, and I’ve been through all of the tough times in the GRE (Greg Robinson Era). I can’t wait to attend the next SU BCS bowl game.  I also can’t wait to go to New Orleans in March/April to watch the Orange cut down the nets.

My thoughts on what I want to do with this blog is simple. I am going to write a lot about Syracuse athletics and baseball. As a Knicks and Giants fan, I’m sure I will also throw in some opinions on those two as well from time to time. I am someone who has very strong opinions, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you guys in the future.

I know this intro wasn’t as long as Colin’s, but if I ever write a book like him, then maybe I’ll be able to come up with more.



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